one.Vip DOOEL Skopje Environmental Protection Policy 

As a company and as a team, one.Vip is committed to integrating responsible environmental management through its business activities, and aims to implement and maintain the necessary systems to manage the environment.

At one.Vip, we are committed to fulfilling our mission to manage all resources in sync with our natural surroundings. We are committed to realizing our corporate responsibility related to the social, ethical and corporate aspect through energetic promotion of the protection and maintenance of a healthy environment for the future.

In doing so, we are committed to increase the awareness in out community regarding the environmental issues by supporting certain values, knowledge and skills that enable us to work towards restoring and preserving the environments.

We strive to continuously improve one.Vip's operation in terms of protecting the environment, leaving our end users, employees and shareholders content both now and in the future.

Download the completedocument (PDF).