Vip Xplore TV - Television wherever You are!

40 TV channels on Your mobile phone, tablet or computer


Now, Your favorite TV shows are with You wherever You go! With the new Vip Xplore TV service, You can easily and simply follow everything You want on TV, directly from Your mobile, tablet or computer-for free for 1 month!

All You have to do is register at and download the application available for Android and iOS, and get:

  • 40 live TV channels, including Cinestar TV, Cinestar Action & Thriller, Sport Klub 1, 2 and 3, RTL and N1. Click here to see the complete list of available TV channels.
  • TV listings for 7 back days and 3 days to come
  • The broadcasted program for the past 7 days from all TV channels
  • Content recording of up to 10 hours
  • Video database with unlimited viewing of available content

Activate and try out the Vip Xplore TV service free of charge for the first month and enjoy Your favorite TV content wherever You are.

The Vip Xplore TV service is available to all Vip Postpaid users with a Vip SIM card and can be activated online for a monthly fee of 199 MKD. To use this service, internet access which is not included in this price is necessary. The first month of service is free of charge and can be disconnected at any time.