If you want to have fun and to keep up to date with the most important sports events SPORTAL CLUB is your real choice. You can give prognoses for matches, participate in sports quizzes, receive information about sports results and what is most important, twin SUPER GIFTS. 


Sportal club is an entertaining and interactive service which will provide all ONE postpaid and prepaid mobile tariff plan users access to interesting entertaining contents related to sport. 

To register the service Sportal club send an SMS message with the text DA to the toll free number 148 800. After the successful registration, the users will be able to use the service via three different channels as follows:

  • On the Web at www.sportalklub.mk
  • On Android mobile phone application
  • Via SMS messages to the toll free number 148 800 

The Sportal club service is available for a monthly subscription of 49 MKD. 

The total maximum monthly price for the Sportal club service is 245 MKD. 

The users of Sportal club will receive points for the activities they will perform during the period for which they are using the service. Points will be received for the following activities in the Sportal club:

  • Reading news (the news will have sports content)
  • Publishing a comment (related to some sports event)
  • Review of results in different sports competitions
  • Answering questions related to sport
  • Participation in quizzes
  • Announcing own prognosis with regard to a particular sports game 

Points will be collected on weekly basis and will be converted into vouchers by which the user will be able to select a gift from the virtual shop available onwww.sportalklub.mk

Each Sportal club user will be able to check the status of his/her points/vouchers at any time: 

  • Through his/her profile on www.sportalklub.mk
  • Through the Android application for mobile phones, also within their profile
  • Or by sending an SMS message with the text „STAT" to the toll free number 148 800

The users can unregister the service Sportal club in one of the following manners:

  • Through www.sportalklub.mkwithin the user profile
  • By sending an SMS message to 148 800 with the text „STOP"

The users will not lose the collected and unused vouchers after they unregister the service Sportal club, and they will be available to the users when they register the Sport club service again.