Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-order

Be among the first who would experience the powerful technology of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With Vip, you can now pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note 9, before the worldwide official release of this model, and have it before everyone else. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a gift, additional 10GB internet during the activation/service agreement renewal of any of the Vip Neo tariff plans.

What makes the Galaxy Note 9 unique, is the new battery. It is with capacity of 4.000 mAh, a capacity which enables 24 hours of intensive use of Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 also sets new standards for the base memory capacity which is 128 GB, and which can be additionally expanded and upgraded with a micro SD card.

The phone's design and lines are elegant, with small curves at the edges, making its look both compact and powerful. It is with 6,4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity display, and 2960×1440 px resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in multiple colors with S Pen in the same or contrast color matching your style.

The new S Pen now uses a powerful Bluetooth technology which enables using of a button click to manage the camera, presentations, and the applications without even touching the phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 12MP rear camera with dual optical zoom, and 8 MP front camera. Poor-quality photos are almost impossible to be made with the new revolutionary camera. It recognizes the object being photographed, and it automatically and optimally sets the contrast, the white color balance, exposure, etc.

If you want to have the best technology, order the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now, and it will be delivered to your home after 24th August, 2018, i.e., immediately after the commencement of the worldwide release of this model.

The offer is valid for orders till 23.08.2018.