Music events together with Vip

In 2018, we have provided genuine support for all major music events organized by Avalon Production. These events were wonderful opportunity for the Macedonian audience to enjoy the performances of many world-famous music stars. Many concerts, festivals, regional tours and the best global music artists, such as Armin Van Buuren, Lenny Kravitz, David Guetta and many others have been part of these events and have created memories worth remembering by all music fans in the country.

Vip, proud to be part of the Zlatno Slavejche children's festival 2018

Vip was pleased to support the organization of Zlatno Slavejche, traditional cultural event which was first organized back in 1971. This cultural event has played an important role in promoting young and talented children and introducing them into the world of music.  Many young and talented musicians have started their careers at this very festival. Zlatno Slavejche is one of the largest and longest-standing events dedicated specially to children in the Republic of Macedonia.