Opt for Vip Prepaid SIM card for 299 MKD and get 1 SIM card, or opt for Vip Duo for 399 MKD and get 2 SIM cards to stay connected completely relaxed with 10GB internet data! 

Additionally, as a new Vip Prepaid customer, you will get:
•    unlimited talks to Vip’s network in the first week as of activation
•    50 MKD credit to use any way you want, and
•    Vip Friends package, featuring free and unlimited talks for 30 days to all Vip Prepaid subscribers. 

You can use the credit on the Vip Prepaid SIM cards anyway you want.

Ask for the special Vip Prepaid Roam SIM card and for just 300 MKD, get 60 USSD roaming minutes for free calls from Greece to any network in Macedonia, as well as 100 MKD credit which you may use for all services available to Vip Prepaid users.

In order to successfully activate the free roaming minutes from Greece to Macedonia оptiоn, register your card and make your first call to any destination.

Once you have received the SMS notification that the free roaming minutes are available to you, the calls from Greece should be made in the *123*389ХХXXXXXX# format, where the X marks the number you wish to call. After dialing, you will get a SMS notification that the call is about to be connected and you will receive a call back with your number appearing on the screen shortly after. Take the call and hold on until the caller you have dialed answers your call.

ou may use the free minutes for calls with a USSD code whenever you like within a 90 day period from the day of the activation of the option, for calls from any mobile оperatоr in Greece to any network in Macedonia. The billing interval is per minute and begins the moment both parties have answered the call. For services outside of the free roaming minutes prоmоtiоn, the rates determined with the price list for all prepaid services apply.

Explore Macedonia and feel at home. Surf carelessly with this Vip Prepaid offer and stay in touch with all your friends without worrying about the costs.

All you need to do is activate your Vip Tourist SIM card and you will get:

  • a great price of 3.9 MKD/min. for calls and text messages to all networks in Macedonia;
  • internet data traffic of 5GB for a period of 30 days;
  • special price of 7.9 MKD/min. to Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and Serbia for a period of 30 days;
  • preferential price of 9.9 MKD/min. to Germany, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia.

After you spend the included Internet data traffic, you will not be able to surf. To continue surfing, you need to activate an additional Internet package.

To continue surfing, you need to activate an additional Internet package.

After the tariff plans on Internet and international calls are no longer valid, mobile data Internet is charged 3.9 MKD/MB, whereas international calls are charged according to the regular price list that's valid for all Prepaid users.

With your Vip Tourist SIM card, you can also activate the following packages:

Tourist SIM additional packages Activation Validity Price
Internet package with 5GB Text START to 144 205 30 days 249 MKD
Price for international calls 7.9 MKD/min. to Neighborhood and 9.9 MKD/min. to 15 other countries Text START to 144 300 30 days 149 MKD

Price of Vip Prepaid Tourist SIM card: 499 MKD


For more information, please call 077 1234.