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In order to improve the level of security and safety of personal information in communication services, and in accordance with the Law on electronic communications, one.Vip DOOEL Skopje is under obligation to keep records of the information of its existing and future prepaid users.

Therefore, every prepaid SIM card is "locked", i.e. access to the services will be disabled until the submission of the required information (name and surname, personal identification no. and address as stated in the ID card), their verification and successful entering of the information into our records.

Additionally, Vip Prepaid users will be able to submit their personal information at any point of sale of one.Vip DOOEL Skopje with the Vip logo or by replying to the SMS messages received from 140150.

Processing of this data is done in accordance with the Law on protection of personal data, the Law on electronic communications and the General terms and conditions of one.Vip DOOEL Skopje.