Transferring to one.Vip is quick, easy and simple. All you have to do is:

  • Submit and sign a request for transferring your existing number to one.Vip at the nearest Vip point of sale. You will be given a SIM card immediately, and in the meantime one.Vip will send your request to the corresponding operator which is to respond to the request within one work day.*
  • Your new Vip SIM card will be active upon the request approval**.

By transferring to one.Vip, you get to keep your number along with the prefix and you will be able to enjoy all Vip Prepaid benefits right away!

For more information, call 077 1234.


* All pending bills with regard to your previous operator must be paid in full as a prerequisite for having your request approved by that operator.

** If your request has been denied, you may re-initiate the procedure.