As one.Vip postpaid subscriber, you can pay your monthly bill as follows:

  • Online - using any bank card
  1. through the web service Bill payment
  2. through the mobile app Mojot Vip
  • At post offices
  • At any commercial bank
    • In the field "Remittee's bank account", please enter one of the bank accounts listed in your bill
    • In the field "Reference number", please enter the number of your invoice.
  • At any Vip store
  • At any Vip partner store
  • At any ATM of Stopanska banka or Tutunska banka – if the remittance is made during the working hours of the bank when payment orders are processed, the processing will be made the next day after noon.


Additional information:


Bank Account
NLB Banka 210-0706831002-12
Stopanska Banka 200-0029212758-54
Komercijalna Banka 300-0000038962-35
Eurostandard Banka 370-0012001476-60


Additionally, Vip allows you to track your bill's current balance as follows:


  • Please call 077 1278 and follow the instructions of the postpaid menu. You will be charged 5.9 MKD (VAT included) per call.
  • Please send SMS with the contents "SMETKA" to 1278 and we will send you information on your bill's current balance. You will be charged 5.9 MKD (VAT included) per SMS.


Please note that the information on the current balance of your bill is provided only for information purposes and it does not include any monthly/one-off charges or any roaming costs you might have incurred.


Information on open invoice for residential customers

This service allows you to get information on your Vip Postpaid invoices, in fast and simple manner. All you need to do is send SMS with any contents to the toll-free phone number 14500.

You will be sent SMS containing information on your invoices (number of invoices, billing period, subtotal and total amount) which refer to subscription numbers for which joint invoices are issued together with the subscription number from which the SMS has been sent.

In this manner, you will be able to preview very simply all your Vip Postpaid bills on your name.