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unlimited internet data with Vip Go Social

Choose Vip Neo M and you will get Vip Go Social, package featuring unlimited internet data for your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp, completely free of charge.

For all your photos, videos, Facebook and Instagram stories.

Use Vip Go Social to share photos and videos, to chat with your friends, to check out the latest Instagram and Facebook stories and to post your own, without spending your monthly internet data.

169 mkd/monthly with Vip Neo М Order
Monthly fee
799 mkd/monthly
Unlimited minutes to all networks
Unlimited SMS's to all networks
Unlimited data for:
4G интернет
339 mkd/monthly with Vip Neo М Order

Hurry up, the number of mobile phones available in this offer is limited.

The promo offer is available to all new and existing subscribers, based on entering new or renewing existing 24-month service agreement for the Vip Neo М and Vip Spirit tariff plans, having activated their electronic bill.

The Vip Go Social package may be used as long as you have remaining mobile data in your respective tariff plan. Once used, internet speed will be reduced for the Vip Go Social package as well.

The Vip Go Social package does not include any internet traffic:

  1. taking place via VoIP calls through the apps listed below, and
  2. taking place through links redirecting the user to contents outside the listed social networks (e.g. if the user is redirected from Facebook to Youtube, such content will not be included in the internet data included in the Vip Go Social package, and instead, it will be considered as internet traffic included in the respective tariff plan).


For more information, please call 077 1234.