The holidays are for great wishes
Great smartphone at great price 15GB internet data
with Vip Postpaid
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Smartphone at great price and 15GB internet data

The holidays are for great wishes. Choose Vip Neo M and you will get new smartphone at great price. The offer also features promo 15GB internet data, as well as unlimited minutes and SMS to all national networks.

Choose Vip Neo M and get a great new smartphone at awesome price.

Побрзајте количините се ограничени!

The promo offer is valid for all new and existing subscribers, based on entering new or renewing existing 24 month service agreement for the Vip Neo M or Vip Spirit tariff plans and active the E-bill service. Please note that once the phones offered within the promotion are sold out, the promo offer will no longer be valid. The national internet charging interval is 1KB.

For more information, please call 077 1234.