The MyKi Touch smartwatch for children, is great fun for your child, and it also reduces your parental stress!

The integrated GPS device allows you to track your child's every movement and location. MyKi also has an integrated SIM card, allowing you to reach your child at any given time. MyKi has a color touch screen, as well as changeable silicon wristbands available in several colors, whose design is completely safe for your child's wrist. MyKi Touch is lightweight and practical to use, and with the SOS button your child will be able to quickly reach you on your phone

The MyKi smartwatch's price is 0 MKD, based on entering a 24-month service agreement for the Vip MyKi tariff plan available at monthly fee of 399 MKD.

If you decide to include your Vip MyKi tariff plan into the Vip Combo 4 package, you will get 100 MKD discount on your Vip MyKi monthly fee.

The Vip MyKi tariff plan features 500 min to Vip, 50 minutes to other national networks, 50 SMS to all networks and 250MG internet data included which can be used on the smartwatch.

MyKi Touch features:

  • Color touch screen – with MyKi Touch your child will be able to access any menu by just touching the screen, making MyKi Touch interactive and easy to use.
  • Changeable silicone wristband in several colours, which are completely safe and comfortable for the child's wrist.
  • Several ringtones of choice.
  • Location - with MyKi Touch, you will always be able to determine the exact location of your child, as the watch allows you to track you child's every movement through the MyKi Watch mobile phone app.
  • Calls - you can predefine up to 10 numbers that the MyKi watch can call. With MyKi Touch your child is protected against unwanted calls, as the watch allows only incoming and outgoing calls to and from predetermined phone numbers.
  • SOS speed dial button – once the SOS button is pressed, your child will be able to call you and the watch will automatically send you the coordinates of your child's exact location.
  • Voicemail - you can both send and receive voice messages to and from your child.
  • Touch/proximity sensor - its integrated touch/proximity sensor allows you to check if your child wears the watch and you will be immediately notified in case your child takes off the watch./li>

For more information on the features of the MyKi Touch smartwatch, please call 077 1234.