Amazing models are now available, at even more amazing prices. Hurry up and choose the phone that you like the most, order it online and get a great deal.

You can place your order any time 24/7, and we will make sure that the phone is delivered to your home for free.

The discounts are available only for online orders of the specified phones, based on entering new or renewing an existing 24 month service agreement. Please note that the number of phones available within this offer is limited. The offer is valid till 26th November 2018.

If you decide to renew your service agreement for a tariff plan which is not offered as an option in the menu, please choose any of the tariff plans offered to complete the process, and our agents will contact you to arrange all details. Please be informed that you are entitled to cancel the order after the completion of the process if you do not agree with the service agreement terms offered. Vip is entitled to cancel the order in case you do not meet the requirements.

For more information, please call 077 1234.