From now on, worry less for the safety of your phone!

Smartphones are inseparable part of our daily lives and we need to be able to count them at all times.

In order to avoid having your smartphone let you down when you most need it, you can now insure your smartphone and protect it against risks not included in your standard warranty.

Insure your new device against accidental physical damages, screen cracks, moisture, water damage and defects.


Buy Huawei Mate 20 Lite, Huawei P30 lite, Huawei P30 or Huawei P30 Pro and you will get 12 months of device insurance, completely free of charge. Don't miss this great opportunity to get brand new insured smartphone now!

Huawei Mate 20 Lite
589 MKD/monthly

with Vip Neo M
Basic price
17.999 MKD

Huawei P30 Lite
799 MKD/monthly

with Vip Neo M
Basic price
23.999 MKD

Huawei P30
609 MKD/monthly

with Vip Neo XL
Basic price
38.999 MKD

Huawei P30 Pro
1,239 MKD/monthly

with Vip Neo XL
Basic price
53.999 MKD

Monthly fee depends on basic device price.

Level Basic price (MKD)
To Monthly insurance premium (MKD) Damage participation fee (MKD)
1 - 5,999 49 399
2 6,000 11,999 99 899
3 12,000 22,999 149 1,499
4 23,000 36,999 249 2,499
5 37,000 94,999 549 4,999
  • You can activate your insurance at any Vip store when purchasing your new device
  • Your device can be insured for a defined period of time, depending on your needs, with no binding 24-month service agreement
  • Your monthly fee, as well as the damage participation fee, is established based on the retail price of your device and is charged in your monthly bill
  • The fee is calculated on monthly basis and becomes due and payable within the next 30 days as of the date of insurance.

How to report damages?

  • Call the insurance customer support at 0800 5 1111 and report the damage.
  • Take the insured device to the closes Vip store.
  • The damaged device will be taken to authorized service.
  • Once repaired or replaced, the device will be returned to the same Vip store where you have left it and you will be notified to pick it up.

Please be informed that phones sold by Vip are insured by Croatia Osiguruvanje in line with the Terms and Specifications of the product sold by the carrier one.Vip DOOEL Skopje. Based on the insurance plan selected, damaged devices are repaired or replaced. Please note that we have a no refund policy. The insurance contract is valid as of the date and the time stated in the Insurance Contract (insurance certificate). Users are charged insurance participation fee upon each defect reporting.