Internet whenever you want in your holiday home, fast and simple

Make you stay at your holiday home even more fun! With the new Vip Combo Box Go package, you will get fast internet data, everywhere in Macedonia! Simply, just plug in the device, activate the internet data package that best fits your needs and start surfing the net right away.

From now on, you decide how long will the party last! With Vip Combo Box Go, activate an internet data package in duration of 1, 3, 7 or 30 days, depending on your personal needs. Please note that you will be charged only a small monthly fee throughout the duration of the service agreement, and you will be only charged for the respective package you decide to activate.

Choose a smart solution for your holiday home and enjoy fast internet and your favorite TV shows and enjoy the holidays and long weekends the best way you can. You can also choose Vip Combo Box Go 2, featuring internet connection and a fixed line, and if you also want to watch TV, then we offer you the Vip Combo Box Go 3 package.

Vip Combo Box Go 2

  • Internet connection* for speed up to 20/1 Mbps
  • 0.9 MKD/min to all fixed national networks

Vip Combo Box Go 3

  • Internet connection* for speed up to 20/1 Mbps
  • 0.9 MKD/min. to all fixed national networks
  • TV service featuring up to 20 TV channels

*The Vip Combo Box Go packages feature only internet connection, and to be able to access the internet, you will be required to activate one of the internet packages offered below.

Internet packages available for activation

Depending on your needs, activate one of the packages below and enjoy surfing the net.

Internet package

Charge (MKD)

Internet data included (GB)


Daily 99 5 24 hours
Weekend 199 20 3 days
Weekly 299 50 7 days
Monthly 799 100 30 days

Call our contact center on 077 1234 or visit our Vip stores to activate the package you like. Please note that the packages are one-off packages and are automatically deactivated after the expiry.

Additional TV packages

Super TV package

199 MKD/month

  • National Geographic
  • Viasat History
  • Viasat Explorer
  • Viasat Nature
  • Da Vinci Learning
  • SK1
  • SK2
  • Magic
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • Fox Crime
  • Fox Movies
  • CinestarTV
  • Cinestar Action&Thriller
  • TV 1000
  • Cinemania
  • VH1 Europe
  • BabyTV
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Pikaboo
  • 24Kitchen
  • E! Entertainment
  • CNN

You can also activate the following additional TV packages: Extra for 199 MKD/month and HBO for 249 MKD/month.

The services available with the Vip Combo Box Go service can only be used at one address. The offer is valid only based on a 24 month service agreement.

For more information, call 077 1234.