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of services and products via the webpage



1.1. The subject matter of these Rules and regulations for online ordering is the outlining of the terms and conditions for ordering, payment and delivery of products and/or services for the use of Vip tariff models via the webpage.

1.2 You may purchase the following services and products via the webpage:
-  Postpaid electronic communication services for the use a of Vip tariff model by concluding a subscription contract with the Operator or extending an existing contract with the procurement of  a terminal device;

-Packages and SIM cards for Prepaid electronic communications services for the use of a Vip tariff model;

-Mobile phones and other terminal equipment (internet sticks etc).

1.3 A procedure for purchasing services and products via the webpage may be initiated by any able-bodied natural person who is a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia and is permanently residing in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as persons authorized to represent business entities with headquarters registered on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, who have fulfilled the terms and conditions determined with the General terms and conditions of access and use of public electronic communications services for users of Vip tariff models published on the webpage (hereinafter: Buyer).


2.1 In order to use the service for purchasing services and/or products, the Buyer is required to access the webpage and enter the BUY ONLINE section where they will be able to choose from the services and products from the current offer of the Operator that they intend to purchase. The prices of the services and products of the Operator are listed on the webpage where the online order is placed.


2.2  Once they have made their selection, the Buyer confirms their choice of services and products they intent to purchase from the Operator and confirms that they have read, understood and accept these Rules and regulations of online ordering.

2.3 Following their agreement to these Rules and regulations, the Buyer fills in the electronic form, entering their personal information and other data necessary for the execution of the purchase: name and surname of the Buyer, unique identification number, city and municipality, address of the Buyer, number of a valid ID card or passport and expiration date of the document, telephone number, contact number and email address of the Buyer.

2.4 Additionally, the Buyer is required to also fill in the necessary electronic form with information on the location where the delivery of the ordered services/products is to be made, where the Buyer states the address to which the purchased products are to be delivered.

2.5 Once the required information has been entered and their accuracy and correctness have been confirmed, the Buyer shall receive an email notification at the email address specified by them notifying the Buyer that the order has been successfully placed with the Operator.

2.6 After the confirmation of the order placement, the received order of the Buyer is analyzed. Should any of the hindrances outlined in the General terms and conditions of access and use of public communications services for users of Vip tariff models published on the webpage be noted, the sales agents shall contact he Buyer via telephone in order to clarify the reasons why their order cannot be processed any further and what the necessary steps to remove those hindrances are. If the Buyer removes said hindrances and wishes to continue the purchasing process, they are required to initiate a new order.

2.7 If the received order is incomplete and no additional hindrances for the execution of the order processing as outlined in the abovementioned item 2.6 are noted, the same agents shall contact the Buyer via telephone for additional order confirmation.

2.8 If the ordered product is not in stock at the moment of order placement, the Buyer shall be offered to purchase another suitable product from the Operator's offer. If the Buyer does not choose another replacement product, the order shall be considered incomplete and will not be processed further.


3.1 After the order has been confirmed over the telephone, the Buyer will be sent an e-mail specifying all products and services ordered by the Buyer and the total amount to be paid, as well as a link to the web-site of the processing center through which the payment will be made following the order placement. Simultaneously, a unique code is sent to the Buyer which will be entered into the CaSys payment system for successful completion of the payment. The Buyer is required to pay for their order within 48 hours, or the order shall be considered cancelled.

3.2 Payment is executed via credit or debit card issued by an authorized bank, barring American Express and Diners cards, which cannot be used to execute the payment.

3.2 Following the successful payment execution, the Buyer will be sent a confirmation email verifying the completed payment.


4.1 Upon payment completion, the Operator shall prepare the package to be delivered to the Buyer (consisting of subscriber documentation to be signed by the Buyer, a SIM card and the terminal equipment, if one has been ordered) and shall hand it over to the legal entity authorized to make the delivery (hereinafter Supplier). The Operator bears the cost of package delivery.

4.2 The Supplier shall contact the Buyer within 2 work days from the day of the executed payment so as to arrange the exact date and time of the package delivery.

4.3 The package shall be delivered to the address specified by the Buyer in the electronic form at the moment of order creation. The Supplier shall deliver the package no later than 72 hours in Skopje and towns in Macedonia. The deadline begins the moment the Supplier contacts the Buyer in order to arrange the exact delivery date and time.

4.4 At the moment of delivery, the Buyer is obligated to identify themselves to the Supplier in order to confirm their identity by showing their personal identification document (ID card, passport) with the information they have used to create the order.

4.5 Following the successful identity check of the Buyer, the Supplier shall:
-  Provide the necessary subscriber documentation to be signed (provided the ordered mobile telephony services require a conclusion or extension of an existing subscription contract with the Operator). The Buyer keeps one original copy of the subscriber documentation, while the other two copies are returned to the Operator by the Supplier;

-Hand over the ordered products: SIM card, mobile telephone or other terminal equipment along with the accompanying product documentation (warranty, invoice of executed payment), where the Buyer shall be required to sign the form of the Supplier for product handover.

4.6 Following the successful delivery and signing of the subscription documentation by the Buyer, the Operator shall activate the services which are subject of the signed subscription contract between the Operator and the Buyer no later than within 1 work day from the moment of signing.

4.7 The process of order delivery shall be considered unsuccessful if:

- The Supplier failed to contact the Buyer within 3 days from the day they took over the package which is subject of delivery from the Operator as outlined in Item 4.2 of these Rules and regulations for online ordering;

- The Supplier fails to find the Buyer at the given address on the agreed upon delivery date and time, as outlined in Item 4.3 of these Rules and regulations of online ordering;

- The Buyer fails to confirm their identity to the authorized person of the Supplier as outlined in Item 4.4 of these Rules and regulations of online ordering;

-The Buyer refuses to sign in its entirety the documentation in question that is being delivered for signing and is necessary for the realization of their order as outlined in item 4.5 of these Rules and regulations of online ordering.

In case of an occurrence of any of the above-mentioned circumstances, the order shall be considered cancelled on part of the Buyer, after which the complete amount paid for the order in question shall be returned to the Buyer's account within 15 days.


5.1 By accepting these Rules and regulations of online ordering, the Buyer confirms that they are acquainted with and agree that:

5.1.1 The Operator shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Buyer and/or third parties as a consequence of the inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of the bank card or the misuse thereof, or unauthorized use by a third party without prior owner knowledge and consent, nor for the damage which may occur as a result of the failure of the internet connection at the moment of the online payment via the processing centre.

5.1.2 The order shall be considered confirmed when the Operator receives return information from the billing system of the processing centre that the payment is successfully executed. The Operator shall not process the order without confirmation of a prior completed payment.

5.1.3 The Buyers who have made a successful order payment and received an email notification by the Operator confirming the successful payment execution and fail to receive the paid service/product within the deadline specified, have a right to submit a complaint.

5.2 The Operator reserves the right to decide independently which product from its sales portfolio shall be offered for online sale via the webpage.

5.3 The Operator reserves the right to alter and modify these Rules and regulations of online service and product ordering via the at any time with no prior notice. If these Rules and regulations of online ordering are amended, they will be published and made available to the Buyers via the webpage.