Vip VPS - Virtual private server

The Vip VPS service allows you to use Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS to meet all your needs in terms of production, test or development environment.

This service features:

  • Payment of resources becoming due and payable on monthly level
  • Enterprise type of security conditions
  • Flexible models of sizing up and sizing down of resources.

The server infrastructure in your company is a capital investment and requires proper operational and storage conditions, as well as hiring trained IT staff. The Vip VPS service allows you to get your mind off all those routine tasks connected to equipment maintenance and stay focused on your primary activity.

The Vip VPS service also allows you so set up:

  • Webpages and online shopping sites
  • Apps and databases
  • Data storage (Storage as a Service)

With the Vip VPS service, all your data are stored at the same data center as Vip’s infrastructure equipment, thus being subject to the same security rules.

Please note that you will be charged for the service as of the activation, until such time as you decide to deactivate it.

Basic Vip VPS packages S M
HDD 20 GB 50 GB
Access speed 2 Mbps 4 Mbps
IP address 1 1
Number of operating system installations/annually with license provided by the user 2 2
Number of backups and restoration of user data/annually, upon user’s request 2 2
Monthly fee 2,099 MKD 3,899 MKD

All Vip VPS packages are available based on entering 24-month service agreement.

Additional activation packages are available upon user's request.

Please be informed that depending on your company’s needs, you can add additional fixed and flexible resources to the basic VPS packages.

Fixed additional resources Unit Monthly fee
CPU 1 CPU 1,199 MKD
RAM 1 GB 199 MKD
HDD 10 GB 59 MKD
Access speed 1 Mbps 399 MKD

Adding fixed resources is done by Vip, upon user's request.

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