Vip Е-mail Hosting - email hosting

The Vip Е-mail Hosting service is specially designed for companies requiring secure and well-organized email service. Depending on your needs, you can choose among these four E-mail Hosting packages: Mail XS, Mail S, Mail M and Mail L. The E-mail Hosting packages are available to all natural and legal entities. 

E-mail Hosting packages
Options included Mail XS Mail S Mail M Mail L
Monthly fee 119 MKD 199 MKD 299 MKD 499 MKD
Email inbox capacity 200 MB 200 MB 200 MB 200 MB
Mail addresses 10 25 50 100
Mailing list - - 1 5
Webmail Interface        
Additional service rates
Additional options specific to the selected tariff plan Mail XS Mail S Mail M Mail L
Email inbox capacity increase 200MB – 500MB 79 MKD 149 MKD 249 MKD 599 MKD
Email inbox capacity increase 200MB – 1GB 159 MKD 349 MKD 649 MKD 1499 MKD
Additional options MKD/month
Additional 10 email addresses (200MB) 49
Additional 100 email addresses (200MB) 490
Additional 10 email addresses (500MB) 99
Additional 100 email addresses (500MB) 990
Additional email address (1GB) 99
Additional 10 email addresses (1GB) 199
Additional 100 email addresses (1GB) 1,999

The servers are located at Vip’s data center, meeting the highest standards for accommodation of IT equipment.

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