Vip Auto-locator - Vehicle control and management service

The Vip Auto-locator service features a GPS system for vehicle tracking allowing you complete control over your fleet. This service allows you to track your vehicles’ location and to get continuous overview of all your costs.

This service features:

  • Real time tracking of your vehicles’ exact location at any given time and feed on whether they are stationary or moving
  • Detailed report and reconstruction of driver's and vehicle's behavior
  • Security alarm – the alarm signals are directed to your mobile phone via SMS or to your email address
  • Information on illegal behavior – speeding, traffic violations, abandoning of previously determined areas etc.
  • Defining of vehicle movement routes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Taximeter connection – real time tracking of all vehicles and an option for individual communication with all drivers
  • Seat sensors to register presence and number of passengers in a vehicle
  • Expert advices, recommendations and counseling

The Vip Auto-locator allows you to strengthen the control over how your resources are used, thus improving vehicle productivity and the working discipline of your employees, preventing unauthorized use of your vehicles and providing safeguard against thefts. This will surely lead to cutting down fuel, car service and maintenance operating costs.

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