Novobox Cloud solution - Keep your data safe

Novobox is an ICT service which allows you to use a Cloud-based solution to store your data, documents, photos and videos. Novobox allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere. The access to your files is enabled through a web platform, Android, iOS and Windows PC. Novobox ensures 100% data safety, relying on 60 data centers all around the world from the CenturyLink network. With Novobox, you will be able to access all your data from any device, through the Novobox apps available for desktop and mobile devices.
Novobox is a Cloud solution provided and maintained by Novi Sistemi from Skopje. Vip makes it possible to all of its postpaid and prepaid mobile phone users to activate and use the Novobox 50 package, and to make payments for the package via their mobile phones.
The Novobox web and mobile apps integrate media players allowing you to listen to your favourite music and to watch your favourite videos. No need to download files; just press play and enjoy.
Novobox also allows you to store and edit your working documents from the Microsoft Office package.

To learn more about Novobox, please go to

Novobox 50 package  
Storage space 50GB
Individual file size No limitation
Upload/download speeds No limitation

You can pay for your Novobox 50 package via your Vip mobile phone, available to all Vip mobile phone users.

To activate Novobox, please register at  

Please note that the service is free of charge during the first month of registration. After the expiry of the free 30-day period, to continue using the Novobox 50 package, you will be charged monthly fee of 118 MKD payable via your Vip mobile phone.

Please note that the Novobox monthly fee is payable in advance and it covers a 30-day period. Please be informed that subscription fee for the activated Novobox package is automatically extended, until such time as the user deactivates the service at

Please note that for the internet traffic realized during the use of the Novobox solution, the rates of the user’s respective tariff plan apply.

If you have any additional enquiries regarding the activation, usage, support and deactivation of the Novobox package, please visit or send an email to

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